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‘Time to RISE- the future is NOW!’

Musical Anthem- a call to peaceful action, justice and harmony by Portland Musicians

People of Portland, let’s come together in song, and with hope! Let’s RISE UP and respond to the call to work for racial justice in our society. Together, with one voice, we can make lasting change.

The studio recording of ‘We Will Rise’ brought together some renowned Portland musicians, from the inspiring Grammy award-winning performing artist, Julianne Johnson, Rick Modlin on Piano, Israel Annoh, Percussion, Phil Baker on Bass and Patrick Lamb on Saxophone. The song was recorded at Dead Aunt Thelma’s Recording studio in SE Portland.

Mo brought her students from the University of Portland choir to be the back- up singers for Julianne. 

Julianne and Mo are both alumni from the University of Portland, and have collaborated over the years to make beautiful music together. Mo admits that this collaboration is one of the most meaningful and memorable that she has ever done with Julianne, and she is so grateful for Julianne’s heart, spirit, and incredible talent that bring the words and message to ‘life and light!’.

Julianne Johnson

Rick Modlin

Israel Annoh

Phil Baker

Patrick Lamb

‘We Will Rise’-Together!

Let’s sing it!

REFRAIN: We will rise, we will rise up! 

Making a diff’rence, bringing hope to the world.

We will rise, rise!

Dare to dream anew, rise!


Verse1:  To be the best the brightest stars (choir: we will rise)

To shine a blazing light to the world (choir: rise)

In discovering the truth, the truth that sets us free (choir: we will, we must rise!)


Verse 2: To be the change we long to see (choir: we will rise)

Who walk the ways of justice and peace (choir: rise)

To respond in faith and action, to be leaders in the quest (choir: we will, we must rise!)


Verse 3: To unite our hope, our heritage (choir: we will rise)

And ring out a legacy of love (choir: rise)

To be bold in zeal and vision, to be rich in charity (choir: we will, we must rise!)

Choir shouts: Rise!

Instrumental- rhythm, sax and brass-

At the end of the instrumental, choir comes in, repeat ad lib, with soloist improvising:

We will rise together!

We will rise together!

We will rise together!

We Will Rise - Performed by: Julianne Johnson

Composed and Directed by Maureen Briare, with the University of Portland choir

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Download ‘We Will Rise’ for free, and when you do, please consider making a contribution to organizations like:

Unite Oregon- Racial Justice- a unified intercultural movement for justice in Oregon.

NAACP- Portland Chapter-working to eliminate racial discrimination

Urban League of Portland- one of Oregon’s oldest civil rights and social service organizations

Black Lives Matter

About Mo

Maureen Briare has been a pastoral musician for over twenty years. She is an alumnus of the University of Portland, having graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Maureen completed her Masters Degree in Music, with emphasis on Liturgical composition, in 2004. She has her Celtic harp CDs entitled “Peaceful Prayer”, as well as choral and instrumental liturgical compositions published through Oregon Catholic Press, G.I.A. Publications and World Library Publications in Chicago.

Maureen has been working in Campus Ministry at the University of Portland since 2000. She plays a variety of instruments, and enjoys conducting the UP Chapel Choir in music of all traditions, styles and cultures. In her personal life, she and her husband, Tim, are blessed with a large family of six children.

 Shores of Grace is the latest CD by Maureen Briare. It follows the highly successful Peaceful Prayer debut release. You can purchase either CD


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Sheet music by Maureen Briare is available through these publishers

Oregon Catholic Press (OCP)

“Lead Kindly Light” (Octavo and Manuscript)

“Oh, When the Saints Medley” (Octavo)

“Two Choral Songs of Praise” (Octavo)

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“Trio of Wondrous Love” Arranged by Maureen Briare

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